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Having Cat Problems & Need Some Cat Love?

Does your cat run away from you when you want to rub him down? Is he always hiding someplace? Here are some tips to help you get some cat love that you desire.
I love to play with my favorite feline, but he never want to play.Some cats just want to be left alone sometimes. But when they want to be left alone all the time. It becomes a problem. When was the last time that your cat ran from your tender touch? If the answer is all the time. Then, "Houston, we have a problem, we have a problem cat on our hands."
How can I get my cat to show affection? How can I prevent him from hiding, and come freely for playtime? One of the main reason that the cat might be this way could be the result of having a former abusive owner, if your cat was rescued, and they have a fear of being abused again with the sense of touch. It is their way of protecting themselves from harm. I'm sure that you would do the same if you were hurt at first.
Cat Tunnel Toy With Ball
You might even find that your cat may become aggressive , messy or even destructive destroying every furniture or pillow in sight. Your feline may not even want to play, then you get him a cute cat toy, a cat nip or even a cat tunnel toy with ball since he loves to hide to build love and trust with your feline.
But, in addition to the toys, another way to break the cycle of hurt is to create a nurturing environment for your favorite feline... make him love and trust you by the way how you treat him by making him feel at home. A cat tree, a scratching post or even a cozy nook to sleep will let him feel more right at home too.
But there are other things that can be done to get the certain amount of cat love that you so crave. Get some more helpful tips about how to get your cat to adore you from this informative eBook and start enjoying your feline more than ever before.

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